Last August 2020, this home office blends a solid white oak counter, beaded bookshelves, complimented with brass light fixtures and pulls. The drawers are fit for hanging folders and include a hidden drawer for office supplies.
Hidden drawer

Below is media booth for an area church that incorporates a wrap-around bookcase along the front. This project included a carpeted platform and stairs. The interior has a matte black counter, bordered by oak, and a pivoting segment for the mixer.

Wrap-around Oak Bookcase and Carpeted Platform
Platform Interior with Cable Chase and Oak-Bordered Counter

This wall-to-wall bookshelves and full-depth base cabinets highlight a natural walnut counter, and the door style of the cabinetry compliments the room’s existing wainscoting. Finally, a place to fill with books.

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Below, this wall-to-wall bookshelf organizes books and collectibles around a TV and storage for games and electronics. It features a retractable projector screen, integrated speaker connections, and indirect LED lighting above the crown and below the counter. It’s featured on

This floor-to-ceiling bookcase and cabinet features a live-edge counter top, trim to compliment the home’s simple character, integrated sub-woofer, and neatly hidden projector screen.

Below, this farmhouse converted a closet into a built-in bookcase featuring Shaker-style inset doors.

Built-in Bookcase
Farmhouse closet converted to a built-in bookcase