Just completed in August 2020, this home office blends a solid white oak counter, beaded bookshelves, complimented with brass light fixtures and pulls. The drawers are fit for hanging folders and include a hidden drawer for office supplies.

White Oak Home Office
Hidden drawer

Below is media booth for an area church that incorporates a wrap-around bookcase along the front. This project included a carpeted platform and stairs. The interior has a matte black counter, bordered by oak, and a pivoting segment for the mixer.

Wrap-around Oak Bookcase and Carpeted Platform
Platform Interior with Cable Chase and Oak-Bordered Counter

This wall-to-wall bookshelves and full-depth base cabinets highlight a natural walnut counter, and the door style of the cabinetry compliments the room’s existing wainscoting. Finally, a place to fill with books.

If you want to organize your home office, contact us with your ideas and we’ll put together a free estimate.

Home Office Before & After

Above, this before and after shot shows the family office before and after. Decorative paneling ties the cabinetry into the mantle while the cabinets hideaway the computer and board games.

This fun job, below, adds organization next to the laundry and a built-in mini-fridge for the grandkids’ soft drinks. Drop-off your coat and hat on the way in the door, grab a cold drink, and relax.

Below, this wall-to-wall bookshelf organizes books and collectibles around a TV and storage for games and electronics. It features a retractable projector screen, integrated speaker connections, and indirect LED lighting above the crown and below the counter. It’s featured on

This floor-to-ceiling bookcase and cabinet features a live-edge counter top, trim to compliment the home’s simple character, integrated sub-woofer, and neatly hidden projector screen.

Below, this farmhouse converted a closet into a built-in bookcase featuring Shaker-style inset doors.

Built-in Bookcase
Farmhouse closet converted to a built-in bookcase

My folks were AMAZED at your work on our bookshelf!

– Kimberly

Below, the contractor-grade metal shelving was replaced in the pantry, master closet, and play room closet with custom shelving. The pantry is cherry nosing and shelves, with LED lighting at each shelf. The master closet includes a mix of adjustable shelves, single-rod and dual-rod wardrobe with a continuous shelf atop. The play room closet is a mix a long shelves and short that can be adjusted for every need.